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Zoographia Germaniae contains a growing database of literature references related to the metazoan fauna of Germany. This page is the central search facility to exploit the information in the references database.

Author Search

Queries must take the format Linnaeus or Linnaeus C. Searches for several authors are not possible (use the Keyword Search instead).

This search field only accepts the name of a single person and restricts the search to the author field. The query name will be used for a wildcard search, i.e. the query Smith will return works by Smith, but also e.g. by Smithson, Blacksmith or Smithers etc.
You can make the results more accurate by adding the initials of the author, e.g. Smith JD.

Note: Special characters are not included in the author field for script compatibility reasons.
To search for author names that normally have a special character just use the plain latin letter. Examples:

Stål: search for Stal
Fallén: search for Fallen
Horváth: search for Horvath

However, German umlauts (ä, ö, ü) are treated as ae, oe, and ue in the database. In addition, the ligated double-s (ß) is treated as ss. Examples:

Förster: search for Foerster
Schäfer: search for Schaefer
Seidenstücker: search for Seidenstuecker
Rößler: search for Roessler

Keyword Search

A maximum of three query terms will be processed. The query terms are linked with AND.

This search field also performs a wildcard search, but accepts up to three separate query terms and searches all data fields (including e.g. title of the work, keywords). This search field is also recommended for taxonomy searches: all database entries are tagged with at least one high-ranking taxon (e.g. a phylum or a class), but the search is less accurate for lower rank taxa.

Periodicals Info

Type in up to three keywords from the title of the periodical.

his search field searches a different database that contains publication info and Web links of periodicals. This database is under construction and still very incomplete. Thus this search facility is currently not very accurate.

This page has been updated on September 18, 2013
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