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Research Interests
The Allium ursinum food web
Life cycle of Cheilosia fasciata

Cheilosia fasciata in copulation

Adult Cheilosia fasciata emerge
in March/early April
(males about one week before females)
and soon copulate.

Egg of Cheilosia fasciata Oviposition starts soon after copulation,
usually in the second half of April.
Eggs are laid singly on the undersides of the Allium leaves.

Cheilosia fasciata: L3-larvaThis is an L3-larva inside its mine. Larval development takes some four to six weeks, and some 50 square centimetres are mined during this period.

Cheilosia fasciata: pupariumThe larvae leave their mines for pupariation in the soil (End of May/early June). The rest of the year is spent inside the puparium until adults emerge in the next spring.

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Research Interests

Soil-dwelling Dipteran Larvae

Xylobiont Diptera

Community ecology of Diptera

Community Ecology of Spiders

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