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GroIMP (Growth Grammar-related Interactive Modelling Platform) is a 3D-modelling platform. As such, GroIMP contains features known from modelling software:

  • Interactive editing of scenes
  • Rich set of 3D objects, including primitives, NURBS curves and surfaces, height fields
  • Material options like colours, textures
  • Real-time rendering using OpenGL
  • Export to POV-Ray, a free ray-tracer
  • Export to DXF, partial export to VRML/X3D
  • The built-in raytracer Twilight renders the scene
  • A light-model based on the built-in raytracer computes the distribution of light within a scene

These features are in progress:

  • Import/export to further external data formats, e.g., 3DS

GroIMP distinguishes itself from other modelling software by the modelling potential of growth grammars. This potential is made accessible by the integration of the modelling language XL.

GroIMP is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License or, at your option, a commercial license. The GPL-covered version can be downloaded at the download area. The API documentation is also available as a single archive at the download area. In addition, you can browse it online.

The GroIMP distributions provide a tutorial and examples for the usage of the modelling language XL within GroIMP. The tutorial and the examples are integrated as plugins, they are available via the menu items File/RGG Tutorial and File/Show Examples.

The latest news about GroIMP are listed at the news page. There you can subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news via e-mail.