GroIMP's Requirements

GroIMP is written in Java. Thus, it should follow Java's WORA-principle (Write Once, Run Anywhere) and should run on every Java-capable platform. GroIMP has been tested successfully on Unix, Windows, and Mac OS X-platforms.

GroIMP needs the following Java environment on your system:

Java 2 JRE, Version 1.6 or later
GroIMP requires the installation of a Java runtime environment of version 1.6 or later. This can be obtained from Oracle.
The Java Binding for the OpenGL API is required for OpenGL rendering of GroIMP's 3D view. This can be obtained from However, it is already included in the installer distributions of GroIMP.

For a reasonably performant runtime behaviour, at least 256 MB RAM and a 1 GHz processor are recommended.