Package de.grogra.imp3d.glsl

Class Summary
GLDisplay This class is responsible for drawing all visible objects in the GroIMP3D editor.
GLSLDisplay Extension to the GLDisplay class to work with shaders generated by ShaderOGL
GLSLFBOManager A container-class managing all FBOs used in oglslview
GLSLUpdateCache GLSLUpdateCache is an Implementation of GLDisplay.GLVisitor.
GLSLVolumeBuilder Simple class that will gather Scene information about the extend of all objects
Measures Measures is a utility that may store and retrieve time measures for ViewComponentAdapter.repaint(int) and GLSLDisplay.render(int).
OpenGLState OpenGLState stores all relevant information about the used OpenGL Context.
Texture In GroIMP3D images are converted to OpenGL textures on demand.